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8 januari 2020 12:48 av steph03


Green juice is a source of healthy elements such as antioxidants, phytonutrients, trace minerals. Adding green juices to your meals can help to boost your immune system and lose excess weight. Moreover, green juices are known as a good means of normalizing and controlling blood sugar levels for people with diabetes.

8 januari 2020 12:38 av xqaa03


Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high. Blood glucose is your main source of energy and comes from the food you eat. Insulin, a hormone made by the pancreas, helps glucose from food get into your cells to be used for energy.

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Most people with low blood pressure will not need treatment. If your doctor or nurse feels that you would benefit from treatment, they will often try to find a cause for your low blood pressure.
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It can affect just the hair on your scalp or your entire body. Although alopecia is more prevalent in older adults, excessive hair loss can occur in children as well. It’s normal to lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day. With about 100,000 hairs on your head, that small loss isn’t noticeable.

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